• When you tie your shoes for a long run, double knot them, but then tuck the loops into the laces on the top of your foot.  I have yet to have ever have them come out, and as a result I have never had to stop and re-tie a shoe.
It may look weird, but it works.
  • Run for distance first...then worry about speed later.   It is our human nature that wants us to immediately run faster.  You've got to build up your base mileage first, then pepper in speed work activity to your workouts.  If you try to go too fast, too long, too often, you'll wind up too hurt.
  • Best training rule of thumb-Add 10% of your weekly mileage to build your cumulative distance each week....and no more. 
  • Foam Roller on the cheap:
I have done this...I affectionately call my foam roller "El Diablo".  
If you've ever used a foam roller before you know why I call it that. 
If not, it hurts...a LOT. But give it two weeks and it will feel as good as a massage. 
  • Ice your knees after every run.  Drug stores sell ice pack wraps to put around your knees.  They help immensely in my experience. 
  • Books that should be in your reading list: (in no particular order)
  • You want motivation?  You must watch this movie.  The Spirit of the Marathon.  It's about 2 hours long...go ahead and watch..I'll wait.