Hi Gang..

One of the reasons why running is so cool is because it is so inexpensive compared to other sports.  Walk into a bike shop, and compare the pricing for "necessities".  I'm a penny pincher, so I'm much more about budget and function over fashion.  Hopefully, there will be some tips herein to help you on your way.

Please Note:  None of these companies sponsor me or this blog, and I have received nothing to mention them on this page.  Should they sponsor me, I'll wear whatever they want me to wear.
No shame

Old Navy RecTech
Old Navy?  Really?  Heck ya...I'm cheap, and I've yet to see how a Nike shirt for $50 bucks will help me run faster/better/longer than the RecTech Clearance Rack at Old Navy for $5.  Sorry ladies, from what my wife tells me, the RecTech options for the ladies is dismal. I think they are setup for yoga and not necessarily for running.

Under Armour
Wait, I thought you liked inexpensive stuff, and UA is about the most expensive workout gear there is? True, but not if you shop at Ross.  I have a sweat wicking visor for the summer time, and a sweat wicking beanie for the winter time.

There is perhaps no other investment that a runner makes and will have the highest benefit than a well fitted pair of shoes.  Currently I run in Mizuno Wave Rider 13's.  I love them, as they are light and provide me with just enough cushioning that I enjoy.  I would recommend however that you watch this space.  Mizuno has discontinued the 13's, so until I get a shoe endorsement deal, I'll still go into Fleet Feet and have them provide the latest models, and pick the one that works best.

This was my Christmas time splurge last year.  A Garmin isn't a necessity for a runner.  In fact, prior to getting the Garmin Forerunner 305, I simply had a Timex Ironman watch that cost me $15 bucks.  But if you have some disposable income, I'd highly recommend the Garmin to provide up to the second information on pace, elevation, heart rate, distance, time, etc.  Not to mention the amount of statistics that you can evaluate and begin tracking your progress on Garmin Connect.

GU Energy Labs
 I'm a GU-ber.  I think I just made that up....probably not, but for the time being let's just pretend that its original.  I typically take a GU Gel (Love the Roctanes) every 45 minutes during a long run.  Be sure to wash it down with plenty of water.  Is it any surprise that the my favorite is Espresso Love, followed closely by Vanilla Orange Roctane.

Nathan Fuel Belt
You can't run very far without hydration.  Getting a fuel belt is key to being able to go on long runs without having to stage water...especially crucial in the hot summer months.  Buying a fuel belt like this was one of the best investments I made.  Fill each flask with water or your favorite sports beverage, and you're good for hours of running "fun".