Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The wildest thing I've ever done...

Do you remember your first 5K race, or first "big" race. Do you remember seeing those runners at the front of the pack and seeing their wild looking shoes for the first time? While my shoes where predominantly white, or gray...sometimes with a highlight of red or blue, theirs were flamboyant orange or safety green or glow in the dark yellow. Sometimes they combined all of these colors into a kaleidoscope of psychedelic colors.
If you are ever hit by a car with these shoes, you get your money back.
I wondered what was wrong with those people. Where did they even find shoes like that? I suppose I was still not truly in the "runner's" mindset yet. You see I had always purchased shoes to coordinate with casual wear...something that would look ok to kick around in. Even when I bought my "first" pair of real running shoes, I still wore them for both running and casual activities.

Now that I have a backlog of about a half a dozen shoes with 500+ miles on them, I never wear my running shoes for anything other than running, and I have plenty of sensible, boring, comfortable shoes to kick around in. Readers of this blog may know that I am partial to the Mizuno Wave Rider 13, 14...and know that they typically look like this.
ZZZZZ...BO-ring...but they get the job done.
While flipping through a few webpages, looking for a good price on my next pair of shoes I came across a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 14's that caught my eye...
TA-DA...How you doin'....
Now, I wish you could have been a fly on the wall in my brain. It went something like this...

Conservative Randy: You can't pull those off
Runner Randy: Dude, those are sick!
Conservative Randy: They look like Dorothy's shoes from the Wizard of Oz
Runner Randy: They're RED perfect color to run the Marine Corps Marathon in
Conservative Randy: No no no, just get the white ones with the red tint...its a perfect compromise.
Runner Randy: Compromise sucks. We've had it your way our entire lives.
Conservative Randy: You know they are not any faster than the white ones.
Runner Randy: Tell that to the cops who pull over red sports cars all the time, bub.

Well guess who won? I placed the order with Running Warehouse and they should be arriving tomorrow. I have about a week and a half of marathon training before I'll start breaking the red ones in, and they'll carry me through Marine Corps (which is 60 days away).

You know if this is the wildest thing I've ever done...the sky is the limit from here.

PS: While shopping I've discovered that Mizuno is discontinuing the Wave Rider 14's and will be launching the Wave Rider 15's...Seriously? I'll never understand why shoe companies don't leave well enough alone. The 14's have only been out for a year. (sigh)

PPS: If you're looking for discounts on running gear check out my friend The Run Gear Guy he typically has all kinds of coupon codes and discounts on your favorite running gear. I used a 10% off code at Running Warehouse from his site. Check him out!

What's the wildest shoe color you've ever seen on a runner? Do you tend to be more or less conservative with your running shoe choices? Do red shoes actually run faster than white ones?