Saturday, July 23, 2011

Week 15-Plus my first product review!

Another week of training in the books. I'll either wind up with 36 (where I stand today) or 40 (if I do the recovery 4 miler tomorrow) miles this week. In either case these distances will be the most miles I've ever done in a week..including my marathon last December. My workouts this week were:
  • 10 mile aerobic run
  • 4 mile recovery run
  • 8 mile death slog lactate threshold run
  • 14 mile long run
All in all a pretty good week of training. I feel strong, but I am definitely tired. Its hard to believe we are now only 99 DAYS away from the Marine Corps Marathon! A few updates:
  • I had no issues with the ankle I turned last week..that is until today, when running through Falls Park I turned it over again on uneven pavement. At this point it is more than just being unlucky...I'm a big fat klutz. I was able to finish the run and don't expect any issues with it.
  • Nutrition issues have been better. I've gone back to carrying my Gatorade instead of making smaller loops by the house to get it. I've also gone back to 1/2 Gatorade 1/2 Water, and everything seems to be working very well. More about nutrition below....
  • Still blazing fire hot out there.
Now you may know by now that I am a creature of habit. Every day is the same breakfast (Kashi Go Lean Crunch and Skim Milk with a cup of Low Sodium V8). Most days before a long run I'll go ahead and eat the bowl of cereal before my run then when I return, I'll have a bagel, or an egg sandwich to refuel. On Thursday I decided to break from the routine.

This week I received a package in the mail from Mix 1. I must have filled out a survey for an online freebie that I forgot about, so I was a bit surprised to get the package in the mail. Mix 1 obviously saw my vast social media empire's reach and decided that I needed to be their spokesperson for their protein shakes.

Yeah...something like that.

They sent two full sized samples of their all-natural protein shakes, one chocolate and one vanilla, and a t-shirt. Now you all know runners will do anything for another T-shirt. In fact that may be the reason I filled out a survey to get the sampler pack in the first place.
The shirt is perfect size, except for my unusually long monkey arms make the sleeves hang weird.
On Thursday morning I decided to forego my usual breakfast to try out the Mix 1 shakes to see how they would perform prior to the 8 mile lactate threshold run. I popped open the Chocolate Shake and was pleased with the taste. It had a milk chocolatey flavor that was not quite as strong as chocolate milk, but I was impressed that it was sweet without much of a sweetener aftertaste like many of these drinks can have. It was very smooth and easy to drink...honestly I could have probably drank another one. The real test would be out on the run. I started the run and had NO issues with this sitting on my stomach. No burps, no GI troubles and it didn't feel sloshy. I really felt good through the majority of the run. I had a very hard workout and finished the 8 miles with a 7:50 pace. Pretty much a perfect workout.

I tried the Vanilla version of Mix 1 this morning for my long run. Lets just say that I think my preferred flavor is chocolate. The Vanilla tasted like something...NOT vanilla at all. Almost a smoky type flavor, a bit earthy. It was not my thing. However, the workout results were exactly the same. I would have no qualms about putting Mix 1 into my daily workout routine. It was perfect for grabbing on the way out the door at 4:30 am to get to the group run.

The cool news? No HFCS...All Natural Ingredients, plus plenty of vitamins. Definitely worth a shot to check out.

What is your nutrition routine? Have you tried Mix 1 with similar results?