Sunday, June 26, 2011

Worlds Colliding

Do you remember the episode of Seinfeld about the two worlds of George Costanza? There was "Independent George" and "Relationship George" and they couldn't be allowed to co-exist?

Although not quite the same, I had a similar "Worlds Colliding" moment this week. As some of you know I am an event experience marketer by trade (experience marketing...people may forget a meeting or conference, but they never forget an experience...get it?). This week I took a day trip to Atlanta to attend a conference on event experience marketing. During the conference, the show organizers demonstrated marketing effectiveness of many different case studies. Throughout the day...I was "Marketing Randy." In fact, I had to leave so early in the morning for Atlanta, that I was unable to run thus not becoming "Running Randy" for the day.

One of the marketing case studies shown was from ASICS. Now in the spirit of honesty, I must say that this was during a bit of a lull in the day. It was after lunch, and if you know anything about conferences, you know that any presentation immediately following lunch is a tough one. Human nature is to go sleepytime.

When the ASICS case study came up, I immediately perked back up. (No caffeine needed). Prior to the NYC Marathon last year, ASICS recruited loved ones of marathon runners to submit video messages through the New York Road Runners website and through the ASICS website. These videos would be shown to the runners as they were ON THE COURSE. Pretty neat...except there are 45,000 in the world would this even be possible? Let me show you the video...

I was nearly in tears while watching this at the event. I remember reading so many signs during my marathon cheering on their athlete, and the pure, elated, unexpected joy I felt when I saw our best friends on the course cheering US on at mile 16. Can you imagine a huge screen with your loved ones message around mile 20? Wall? What wall? That would be the PERFECT thing to keep you going for the last 10K.

^^^this paragraph is brought to you buy "Running Randy"^^^

To me, this is what marketing is all about. ASICS obviously knows what marathon runners are going through mentally on the course, and they have done something here that is truly valuable and will build affinity to their products by all runners seeing the message.

^^^this paragraph is brought to you buy "Marketing Randy"^^^

It is not often that my worlds collide, but I'm glad in this instance they did. Be on the look out for this technology at upcoming marathons. I'm just going to tell you right now...if it is available at the Marine Corps Marathon, you will ALL know about it!!

Note..ASICS did not pay me, nor ask me to comment on their program, but if shoes magically find their way to my mailbox (size 11.5) I wouldn't complain.