Saturday, October 22, 2011

Number 9032 in your program...Number 1 in your hearts

Well its here. This week my wife and I leave for DC to run the Marine Corps Marathon. Its hard to believe that I signed up for this thing in February! I've blogged before about obsessing about the goal so much you miss out on the journey. Today's run was really just about reflecting on the journey. I've met so many great new people this year both online and offline, and I really feel like I've grown as a runner. I've branched out and started running with a group this year and I have learned so much from those older than me in the sport.

I remember the first day I arrived, and met all the "old guys", I thought I would run their legs off. Turns out they nearly killed me. You'd think that giving up at least 20 years to these guys would be a benefit, but they all know what they're doing. They've all been to Boston and are willing to share their wisdom with me each week. Each week I've soaked it all up. I'm lucky to have such a group around here than I can run with and I'm glad they've welcomed me as one of them.

I feel stronger and more confident than I did going into the my first marathon, and I hope to glean a lot of benefit from better preparation going into the Marine Corps. (crossing fingers)

So with most of the training in the books, and the last week of the taper ahead, I'd just like to thank all of YOU for your comments, and interest along the way. It is humbling to be told that something I said inspired someone else...if that's all that ever comes out of this silly blog of mine, I'll be a happy man.

I know you're all wondering..."How can we follow your run on Marathon Day?", or "How can we be part of the action?"

I am SO glad you asked.

First off, if you are running the marathon, look for a guy wearing THIS...

I've heard that if you put your name on the front people will yell for you. Don't let me down people.
I hope to meet lots of my Twitter and Blogger friends that I've met along this journey to the Marine Corps Marathon while I'm in DC. I'll be number 9032, and be the guy dry heaving before the cannon fires.

For those of you who will not be in DC, fear not, there are lots of ways you can be a part of that ACTION!

If you want to track my whereabouts while on the course, the MCM allows you to get updates via text, email, Twitter or Facebook. You can do this one of 2 ways.
1) Watch for my 10K splits and finish times. They will be tweeted automatically. (If you don't Twitter, you can always sit right here and watch the Twitter stream widget on the right hand of this page------->>>> over there >>>>>.
2) Sign up for updates HERE Follow the instructions to sign up for updates by your preferred message.

If you want to WATCH in real time from various parts of the course... head on over to Those Marines are gonna keep a good eye on us!

Once the marathon is over, I'll be sure to post the link to all the pictures, as well as the finish line video. I hope I don't cry....or collapse....or vomit. I hope you'll take advantage of all these ways to be a part of the experience. Just knowing you're following along will push me harder!

Race Predictions
Some bloggers do this, some don't. I'm a newbie (at marathoning and at blogging) so I can feign ignorance. Maybe I'll regret it as some others have, but being accountable to goals is what's got me this far! Here's what I'm planning/expecting to do on marathon day.

"A" Scenario-The perfect day. Weather perfect, nutrition perfect, GI tract perfect. I think I can do a sub 3:40 marathon. I believe I have it in me. 3:39:59. If this is to hold up, my 10K splits you'll need to watch out for should be around 52:10

"B" Scenario-A good day, and my original goal plan/pace is sub 3:45. I'll be thrilled with this, and like I said, this was my original goal going into marathon prep. Time to watch for on the 10K splits: 53:21

"C" Scenario-Just PR the distance. That's anything less than 3:56:14. Time to watch for on the 10K splits: 56:01

And if I don't do any of the three above? Then thank the Good Lord that he's given me a healthy body that I can go out and push myself to do my best and just enjoy the experience and thank every Marine on the course for their sacrifice to our nation. I consider it a privilege to be able to run.

Thanks again everyone, and stay tuned to Twitter and the blog for more updates!


Anonymous said...

I am soooo excited for you and Christy! You both inspire me! We will watch every second of the race (even during church!) know, for Jacob's benefit. :)
Love you guys!

David H. said...

Have a good week leading up to the race. You have some great goals here. I had some for my first one, but as I went through the race I realized more and more that it was about the experience than any thing the clock said. It's a tough thing to explain until you experience those marathon day things.