Sunday, October 9, 2011

21 more sleeps...

...til the 36th marine Corps Marathon.

It was February 23rd, and I sat eagerly by my computer, clicking refresh every minute to see when MCM registration would open. I was nursing an IT Band injury at the time, and knew I had to build a base (again) before I started preparing for the marathon. My initial goal was to build 20-25 miles per week consistently before I started my marathon plan. Which by the way, I had no clue which plan I was going to approach.

Since then I've found out about a guy named Pete Pfitzinger, and learned how he hates my legs so much that he wants them to fall off every week.

Since February, I have run 860 miles, some good days, some bad days. Some missed workouts, some new PR's. All in all, I'm feeling as fit and strong as I have since I began running over 2 years ago. It all culminated with my biggest training run yet :25 miles. Pfitz doesn't ask you to run 25...but I promised myself in the last 10K of the Thunder Road Marathon, that I would not run less than 25 on my next marathon.

One of my goals at the beginning of the year was to run 1000 miles this year. Barring a tough week, I should hit 1000 miles after my run on Saturday. Last year I hit 942 miles, so I'm very excited to have the opportunity to hit this milestone this week.

All of it, every single mile, culminating three weeks from now in Washington DC. One of my running friends on Twitter likened waiting on a marathon to waiting on Christmas as an 8 year old kid. Its a perfect analogy. Watching the Ironman World Championships on Saturday, then the Chicago Marathon on Sunday only got me more fired up to run. When they sang the National Anthem at Chicago, I was ready to run through a wall!

Unfortunately today wasn't all motivation and excitement about Chicago. This afternoon I heard about someone who collapsed just shy of the finish line and later died. The runner was a 35 year old firefighter who had run at least one other marathon before (from what I can tell on Athlinks). It's one of those things that is a sobering thought...we fret about paces and nutrition and what to wear...yet here's a guy who was raising money for kids who have been burned in fires...a guy who went to work every day to serve people as a firefighter...and he just suddenly collapses. A perfectly healthy guy...could have been any of us. Just a terrible tragedy and a loss for the running community.

Things like this help to see the big picture and will help to keep things in perspective during the upcoming taper. I just hope that something good will come of his passing, and others will be inspired by his service and willingness to give back to those less fortunate. I pray that God's grace and comfort will be with the family in trying to make sense of this tragedy.

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David H. said...

Thanks again for pointing out that Tweet being on Runner's World! This is a great post -- excellent perspective heading into the last few weeks of training.