Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Enjoying the Journey

Runners in general talk a lot about goal races, or things they want to accomplish. I know that I've spent many of recent blog posts talking about the Marine Corps Marathon, but I think I would be remiss not to remind myself, as well as my readers not to hasten through the journey.

Without the 5am wakeup calls, the loads of sweaty laundry, the gallons of water, the aches and pains, the group runs, the lonely runs, the pasta dinners, the rainy days, the hot days, the cold days, the days you feel like you're going to poop yourself, the days you don't, the days you hit a new distance, the recovery days, the cross training days, the rest days, the days you blow off a run and regret it, the visits to the physical therapist, the nutrition dance, the blog posts, the encouragement, the self doubt, the motivation, the inspiration, and all the great people you meet along the way.

This dear friends, is what makes crossing the finish line so special. Its never just about marathon day, or running 26.2 miles or any other race or distance for that matter. Its about all the other days prior that you're following that never ending white line on the left shoulder of the road. Those are the days that make a marathon so special.

Some days its gonna suck...some days it won't. Enjoy them all.

What do you do to enjoy the journey to the finish line?


Adam said...

If you focus too much on the destination, you'll resent the finish. I try to enjoy it all!

Christy said...

The second paragraph is a perfect summary of running! It should be required reading for all of our friends that just do not "get it." :)