Saturday, July 16, 2011

Week 16

Well the first week of marathon training is in the books. Only 15 weeks or 106 days to go to the Marine Corps Marathon.

I had been fairly indecisive on using a marathon plan this time, and honestly I'm probably not 100% committed to using one religiously this time. A friend of mine last week recommended the Pfitzinger 55 mile Marathon Plan, so I looked it over and it looks pretty good.

It doesn't seem to have any track workouts...and my last marathon plan had a third of all of the workouts done at the it should be an interesting experiment. Basically I topped out at about 32 miles per week on my last plan. I'll nearly be doubling the miles on this plan, in the hopes that I don't fade in the final 10K like I did at Charlotte. (cross your fingers). I will have some weeks that I'll have to run 5 days per week during this plan, so that should be interesting to say the least.

This week included an 8 mile run on Tuesday, a 10 mile on Wednesday a 5 mile on Thursday (oops) and a 13 mile on Saturday for a total of 36 miles this week (31 if you don't get out of bed) and will max out at 55 miles at the peak. Somebody thought he heard rain on Thursday and decided to sleep in....when he awoke at 8:30 it was dry as a bone outside. On Friday it was actually raining, so I actually did sleep in that day. I might still do the 5 miler tomorrow, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

Lessons from week 1:

1) I hate the heat/humidity. Who's idea was it to sign up for an early fall race again?
2) Nutrition strategies apparently don't carry over from year to year. Gatorade and GU aren't doing the trick this year..maybe its the heat, but something is definitely amiss. Not only will I be preparing by running, the next 15 weeks will be spent finding the very best pre and during race foods that sit well with me.
3) I turned my ankle on a raised piece of sidewalk this morning about 8 miles in. Its a bit sore, but not too bad..I finished the 13 miles on it today. So weird that I've turned more ankles running on concrete than I have in two trail races. I'll RICE today and see how it feels for next week.
4) Get up, out of bed and check the weather ya lazy bones.

How about you guys? Anybody got a fall marathon coming up you're just starting to train for? What plans are you using?


Tiana said...

I like your lessons....

Hey if I haven't already recommended it, you gotta get Performance Nutrition for Runners by Matt Fitzgerald. He has lots of great tips for nutrition that will help keep you fueled. I found that Cliff products (get them at Whole Foods) both the gels and the shot blocks are the best. Since they are made with mostly organic products the body absorbs and uses them better than GU or the other brands.

Congrats on a good first week.....p.s. its good to skip a run every once in a while :)

Randy said...

Thanks Tiana, I've never tried any of the Clif Bar stuff, but might give it a shot. That book sounds familiar..I'll get it on the library list!

Nitmos said...

I have a fall marathon coming up. My plan is created weekly...sometimes daily. I stopped writing out plans awhile ago and just do it by rote memory now. Good luck!

Randy said...

Nitmos, thanks for stopping by! After looking at this Pfitz plan, I think I will likely deviate. That 8 miles in the heat I did earlier this week at 7:50 pace nearly killed me. haha