Sunday, July 10, 2011


Where in the world have I been? All has been too quiet on the blogosphere for Coffee on the Run. Well friends, I took some time off for the Independence Day Holiday. You know what that means, right?
  • No work
  • No housework
  • No yardwork
  • No blogging
  • No Running
Wait...what? I know what you're took a vacation from running? Youbetcha.

It started out innocent enough, I made all my runs for the last week of July. I was off work on July 1st, with plans to go to the lake for the weekend for the 4th, so I would miss my Saturday group run. After a fun weekend of the lake, and water skiing for the first time in a couple of years, I woke up on Monday morning with the inability to move any of my upper extremities. You'll be happy to know that my legs felt great as I shredded the water...
My daughter (6) said "I had no idea Daddy could do that."
...but my arms were a different story. Seems like someone needs to work out. I hear you Crossfitters, Boot Campers and Gym Rats out there looking at this blog with scorn. Maybe one day I'll do that stuff...but it won't be today.

Soooo....I made the executive decision to shut down the engines, and make it truly a rest week. Hardcore runners just don't do this kind of thing, right? I might even get my runner card taken away from me after this heretical move.

Why did I do it? Two reasons...

1.) After a bit of an IT Band injury in February, I have been doing nothing but base building for months. To the goal I wanted...30 miles per week. I had begun to feel the early stages of drudgery and burnout with it, so I thought that taking some time off would allow me to clear my head, and enjoy it more.

2.) On July 12th, I begin a 16 week training program to prepare for the Marine Corps Marathon. I will need to have laser like focus to meet my goals for the race, and I do not want to have any regrets with regards to my training for MCM.

So I hope you'll all forgive me for about 8 days off from running, and allow me to remain in the runner's club. You'll be happy to know I did meet my group for a 12 miler on Saturday, and other than some GI troubles, I felt really good in my legs and cardio, and I have re-acquainted myself with my old friend "El Diablo" the foam roller after a couple of weeks off. He'll be a constant companion from here on in.

My lesson/advice to you...take some time off from time to time. We can often get so mired in mile splits and daily workouts that running no longer becomes fun...and really, that's why we're doing this, right?

Rest well friends.

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tiana said...

Randy, glad you had a nice break. Kudos to being brave and taking a week off. I think if there is one thing that is under-valued and under-taught in the running world it's the value of rest. I bet your next run will feel great because your body will have rested and restored itself.

Good luck with marathon training!