Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two for Tuesday

On my run today I started thinking about the blog, and what I should write about. I'm sure that every blogger's creativity works differently, and I know of some bloggers who have five or six blogs in the hopper just waiting to launch.

Allow me to let you in on some behind the scenes information here at Coffee on the Run...what you see is fresh, never frozen ideas that usually have been in my head for less than a day. Sometimes less than an hour! Where else can you get country raised, organic ideas freshly delivered to you that fast?

Today I've got a couple of things for you...one that I hope you'll find helpful in your motivation, the other is a soapbox of mine.

First up...Never stop running on an uphill. You might think that after you've run for a couple of years you may never struggle with "Whew...I just need to walk for a bit". If you think that, you're wrong. Almost every day my mind tries to short circuit my workout and come up with some reason to stop. My mind usually kicks this into overdrive when I'm working through an uphill. It would be the easiest place to stop, and most logical....but I've found that if I can keep going.....

I'll make it to the other side of the hill, and talk myself out of quitting. If you can achieve small milestones like this it will help boost your confidence and build your endurance. Just make it to the top...then rest on the downhill. Chances are you'll talk yourself out of stopping on the downhill and flat section because you can recover. Win this battle of your mind and you'll feel 100% better about your run and yourself.

Next up is a debate that won't be settled here, but I offer it up as a Public Service Announcement. Runners, especially ladies, please do not run with headphones.   This has been a hot topic in the Coffee household for quite some time, but let me explain my experience to you and see if it matches up with yours.

Many days while running I will encounter runners on my route. Sometimes we'll pass in opposite directions and we'll do the runner's nod, or throw up a hand to say hello. But some days I encounter runners going the same direction as me and often, but not always they are women runners. Having a wife who is a runner, I want to do my best to be respectful and not frighten them by running up too fast or too close. As I close I will usually scuff my feet intentionally or clear my throat in an effort to let them know someone is behind them. Sometimes this does the trick and they look back and see that I'm not an axe murderer and I pass with pleasantries exchanged.

Unfortunately though in many cases they do not hear this because they have headphones in. As I get closer I'll try to say something like "on your right/left". Invariably they won't hear this either, and the first time they see or hear me, I am side by side with them and every..single..time they are startled. Some scream, some jump about 3 feet and some simply comment that they didn't know I was there.

I always feel like some kind of skeeve when this happens, because now this runner thinks I snuck up on her. I feel bad because I possibly ruined her run. I know that one of these days I'm going to get a face full of mace just because somebody's wearing headphones.

My wife insists that she can still hear things around her with her headphones in..and the debate rages on. The bottom line? Be aware of your surroundings when you're running. Don't get too lost in thought that someone can sneak up on you. Be safe. I'll step off the soapbox now.

Am I wrong in this? Do you wear headphones? Have you ever been frightened by a runner coming up from behind?

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tiana said...

I agree with the no headphones. On the rare occasion I wear them I leave one in and one out. Who says you have to wear both at the same time? Also, if I really need to be entertained I do pod casts and not music, so I can still hear whats going on. My favorite: The Word for Today (Bible Teachings), I love being mentally and spiritually engaged at the same time :).

I think this rule should apply 100% of the time during races. its exceptionally rude not to be aware of your surroundings during a race.