Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kicks, Steps and Pops

There is quite possibly no finer day in a runner's life than when he/she gets a new pair of shoes. I think that no matter how much you like your current shoes, when you put on new ones, every ache and pain seems to just disappear! The best advice for shoes is to find a brand/model that you like, and stick with it. I have done just that. For the past 1000 miles or so I have been riding on Mizuno Wave Rider 13's. Unfortunately Mizuno decided (as all shoe companies do) to sunset this model, and come out with the Mizuno Wave Rider 14's. So last Saturday I decided to go into Fleet Feet and go through the process of seeing if the 14's were still the best for me or if there were better shoes out there. I tried several of all different brands, but none felt as good as the 14's.

I started working the new shoes in this week, and its almost like getting brand new tires, everything just feels smoother. I am amazed every time this happens. The gang over at Fleet Feet were awesome to deal with (as always). I highly recommend that no matter where you live that you support your local running stores. These folks always give back to the running community and they are always willing to help. You won't find that at big-box stores! Fleet Feet did not pay me to say that, but if they want to, I wouldn't mind.

For the love of the sport...of course.
Also...this week, I hit a bit of a milestone. As of this morning, I have completed my longest training week EVER, just topping 34 miles in a single week. The real question will be is whether I can sustain this through the summer in preparation for the Marine Corps Marathon. I've been slowly building since February, and have recently added a 4th day to my training regimen. I really hope that if I can keep this up, I'll be very strong for MCM in October.

Lastly, as you know tomorrow is Father's Day. I think I would be remiss in my first Father's Day as a Run Blogger not to post the following video. Older runners may think it cliche, but I hope that I can introduce Team Hoyt to a brand new crop of runners.
Amazing right? It's not uncommon. Dad's all over this world wake up before dawn to go to work for their kids. They sacrifice their lives so that their kids can have a better life. Yours probably did the same. My dad never ran a triathlon, but he did sacrifice so that I could have a better life, That's what makes the Team Hoyt story so powerful. It is a tangible metaphor that illustrates the lengths that good fathers will take for their children. I hope you all have a wonderful Father's Day Weekend.

Happy Father's Day Dad.

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tiana said...

Yo- congrats on the new shoes. There is just something special about a new pair of shoes! Also, congrats on such high mileage- where do you find the time?

Great video, thanks for posting! I haven't seen that and of course was in tears (I'm such a girl!). Maybe one of these days when I grow up, my blogs will be as good as yours :).