Friday, May 13, 2011

Snooze Blues

Rollin' out of bed ain't easy. The snooze bar has a magnetic pull to our hands. Try reaching anything else on your nightstand in complete darkness...its impossible. But that snooze bar, you can find it without even fully waking up.

Five More Minutes!
I'm not immune to this. After a particularly rough nights sleep on Monday night, Tuesday morning was tough. On days like this, I go from:

"Listen to your body, it will tell you when you need a rest day"
"You rarely regret the runs you take, you almost always regret the ones you skip"

Now both of these schools of thought are just have to determine whether you're tired or just feeling un-motivated. Unfortunately I was in the latter group.

Setting a goal is what helps me. Typically, the goal is an upcoming race. I still believe that the the biggest factor in me sticking with running is racing often. When I started in 2009, my wife and I scheduled one race per month. We did that for nearly 10 months, until our goals changed and the distances got farther. There is something about giving cash out to a race director that helps to get you out the door in the morning. You know you'd better train, or somehow you'll feel that you've wasted all that money. Believe me, I've had this discussion with myself before.

Another good option is to run with someone else. This is still new to me, but it is an incredible motivating tool to get up and at em'. I can't stand the thought of people standing around waiting on me or wondering when I'll show up. This is probably the only thing that has caused me to get up the past two Saturday mornings at 4 AM for our group runs at 5. Accountability partners in any type of exercise are incredibly valuable, but often difficult to find due to schedules/pacing, etc. Once you've found one or two...stick with em!

Lastly, just plain ole guilt works too. Make friends with other people who run (even virtually like on Look...all of those people got out of bed to work out today...why didn't I? I've had that discussion with myself a time or two as well.

What keeps you from hitting the snooze button early in the morning? What tips do you have for staying motivated? Share them below!


Kesha said...

Timely that you post this b/c today and already for tomorrow, I'm feeling tired. Like a need a rest day, but then I'll be off of my schedule. So I have an internal battle w/ my sore, tired muscles that want a rest and my Type A self that says I have to stick to the plan. I'm used to a day off between each running day and I have changed that in the past 2 weeks w/ my new program. Does my body just need to adjust, or am I doing too much. That is my worry/question.

I'm all for the group effort though, I've said that before. That helped me train through the winter and even to get out there last summer. But true, perhaps after a year or so of doing this, the motivation start to wear off...

Just wait until those lovely summer days when you have no choice but to get up and out a) early b/c of the heat b) because you've got MCM staring you down!

Randy said...

Kesha, I'm right there with you. I'm struggling with a bit of motivation to get up in the mornings...just feeling tired and run down.

I think if you're smart about your mileage, you can run through some of the tiredness/blah days, plus you're totally right. The heat/humidity can be a huge de-motivational factor.

Keep putting the miles in, but another thing to get the mojo back is changing routes...or going without a watch/without a plan...just run "free". It may sound a bit hokie, but can definitely work!

Tiana said...

Great post! I think this is a battle any human being faces when it comes time to run. I have to remind myself that I will be glad I got up and ran once its all said and done. I have never regretted a run, but I have regretted sleeping in too much. Also, if you get enough rest on a regular basis, what is one early morning or two or three at that?