Sunday, May 22, 2011

Inspiration Everywhere

On Tuesday's run I ran a bit of a varied route that took me on a road I had never run before. While on this road I came upon a older gentleman walking to his mailbox to get the paper. He yelled hello (he apparently was a morning person...most of the greetings I get are mumbles at best) he then said something nice about me running. As I passed, I heard him say "I wish I had that much energy."

For some reason that really struck me. I didn't FEEL like I had a lot of energy at that moment. In fact I had just had to have a mental negotiation session with myself just get out of bed. In spite of this, I was sure I knew what he meant. Perhaps he was looking back on a mostly athletic life, and missing it...maybe looking back with regret on a life where he wasted his health. In either case, it gave me an extra boost of inspiration to keep use what God has blessed me with to its fullest, and maybe, just maybe stave off "old age" by a few days.

On Wednesday one of my favorite bloggers, Dan Cathy, posted a very inspirational video blog that I'd like you all to watch. (In case you don't know..Dan Cathy is the President of Chick-fil-A, and also a runner.) This is his "running" story...

If you get nothing else out of this video, just know this, you have something amazing inside of you. YOU CAN DO IT. So many people I meet will say "Oh I could NEVER run a marathon" and I hear myself three years ago in their voice. It is heartbreaking to know that they have this amazing potential to do great things, if they'd simply take small steps to unlock it. It may never be a marathon, but in each of us there is so much potential to do amazing things. That's what my story is...small steps....lonely mornings...and a resolve to never stop. 

Lastly, this weekend the Greenville Track Club set a goal to break a World Record for the fastest 100x5K Relay. They solicited runners who could, on average, achieve a 18:30 5K time. (Note: They did not call me.)

It took an amazing group of dedicated people to solicit 100 athletes, plus alternates/backups, and coordinate each of their times to run for 30 hours straight. Not to mention the timers, officials and support staff to pull off such a goal. I had the opportunity to be there when the race began, and see the great work by our Track Club and the attention to detail they took in order to be eligible for the record.

I can proudly announce that this afternoon they achieved the record, beating the previous record by 55 minutes!

What do all three of these experiences have in common? They prove that you can find inspiration to start or keep running anywhere! Whether it be to make it to the end of the block...make a new race goal, or make a "big hairy audacious goal", know that you can do it. Set the goal and start working towards it today! I'd be happy to join you on your journey.

Where do you find inspiration?


Tiana said...

Randy, great post! Also, thanks for posting the video, it was great. I have to remind myself that running is mental as well as physical. We seem to limit ourselves to what we THINK we can do rather than what we CAN do. This is a good reminder! Thanks again.

Randy said...

Thanks Tiana. This is why it is so important to break those distance barriers...once they are broken they are easier to do the next "free" your mind a little more! Look forward to seeing you out on the trail this weekend!