Friday, April 15, 2011


Did you ever see the movie Quicksilver? Probably not. It is from the mid-1980's when REAL movies were made. This movie had everything. Suspense, typical 80's yuppie excess, the stock market, New York City, and of course it had Kevin Bacon...

When Kevin Bacon looks back on his career in the 80's I bet he remembers Footloose Quicksilver the most.

I don't remember that much about the resolution of the movie...but I do remember that Kevin Bacon was a stock trader, he lost everything, and decided to quit his high stress job on Wall Street to become a New York City bicycle messenger.  I don't need to tell you that as a 13 year old, whose only mode of transportation was a 10-speed bike, this was the coolest career move EVER.

It of course led to my "bike phase", where I'd load up stuff in my backpack and pedal like there was no tomorrow around our neighborhood, delivering nothing to nobody. Once my mom let me go to my Grandparent's house three miles away. That was probably not a good decision on either of our parts..but I survived.

I honestly hadn't thought about that movie in a very long time until last night. I already ran in the morning, so while my son was at his swim team practice I decided to take my bike and go for a ride on a local rails-to-trails project here in Greenville called the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Now you should know, that I am not a "cyclist" in any form or fashion. I have a Wal-Mart road bike I bought 5 or 6 years ago on one of my impulses to "get healthy" that didn't exactly pan out. In any case, the bike will do just fine for now.

It was a beautiful night, and I just rode...pedaling away just like the old days without a care in the world. I thought that I could really learn to enjoy this bike riding thing. Most of the rest of my rides have been on the roads, which is TERRIFYING. How can cyclists ride without knowing who is about to run over them?!?! Being on the trail, there was nothing to worry about, and it felt good. I felt like Kevin Bacon again, and for the first time...EVER, I actually entertained the thought of doing a Triathlon one day.

Stay tuned for that one.

Reminder...MONDAY APRIL 18TH AT 8:30AM ET I will start up the live blogging for the Boston Marathon! GO USA!!


Kesha said...

As I was reading this, I was thinking, he should do a tri...there you go, it's settled! I considered a sprint tri last year due to shorter distances, just to trI it out. Maybe one day.

OtterPop said...

Nice ride, man. Also: "American Flyers" is my favorite 80s bike movie. :)

Chandra said...

I, too, am scared of the idea of road biking! Keep us posted as you get more brave!