Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boston Follow-up

Okay, so I'm probably the most excited blogger in the world about the Boston Marathon, that is not actually running the Boston Marathon. I am just fine with that. Honestly, whether anybody followed along or not, I had a ridiculously good time yesterday morning. I realize that probably makes me a bit insane.

I do want to process some of what we saw yesterday...
  • Geoffrey Mutai ran the fastest 26.2 miles ever. In the history of mankind, we have no record of any human ever running that far, that fast....ever.
  • Geoffrey Mutai does not own a world record for this feat.
  • USA Track and Field regulations state that if a course has a net downhill of approximately 137 feet or more that it is ineligible for a World Record. Boston has a net downhill of over 400 feet, yet is not known for producing fast marathon results. In fact, Running Times has an article in the April issue that rates the top 15 marathons for speed...Boston was not listed. Berlin was #1.
  • Despite coming in 4th, Ryan Hall clocked the "unofficial" American record for the fastest marathon ran by an American athlete. In fact, look at what he wrote on his shoe prior to yesterday's race...
2:04 for the poor..he ran a 2:04:58
  • Hall ran a good enough race that would have won almost any other marathon in the world. Looks like the skeptics who questioned his motives on leaving the Mammoth Track Club were wrong.
  • If you like stats, check out Ryan Hall's data from his Garmin. His pace is a flat line. I wish my pace was that consistent.
  • Desiree Davila's heroic performance, finishing a mere two seconds behind for 2nd place. Desi cut FOUR MINUTES off of her previous personal best.
  • How awesome are the 2012 Olympic trials going to be? Deena Kastor, Kara Goucher, Desiree Davila and Shalane Flanagan...and Ryan Hall, Meb Keflezighi, Galen Rupp for the guys. I'm thoroughly looking forward to it.
  • Lots of folks were wondering what happened to Kim Smith, who led the women's race for 18 miles. She posted an update tonight that an MRI has shown a torn Soleus muscle.

As for me? I'm chugging along without any pain.. Two weeks ago I made it back to a little over 20 miles in a week. Last week I "rested" a bit and pulled back to 18 miles. For the next 4 weeks I will do 20+ before another pull back week. We did register for a local race coming up on April 28th, which was a bit un-planned. It is called the Leftovers Prediction Run, and our running club gives out Leftover T-Shirts and prizes from all the previous year's events, plus the course is a mysterious mix of road and trail 5K. You predict your finish time when you sign up. Closest to their predicted time wins. (no watches allowed). Looks like a good time.

I want to thank so many of you who have supplied comments, or emails or phone calls on the blog. So far its been a great experience, and I've had a blast doing it. Any time if there are questions or concerns you have about running, please let me know and I'll answer them to the best of my ability (I work Google like a champ) or just make stuff up...either way.

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